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牛头牌研发出在极高温及精准的条件下,将特级不锈钢及磁铝复合金锻造而成的划时代材质 – 复合金科技牛头钢(Buffalo Clad)。这就是它具有神奇不易沾锅、不易刮花、坚固耐用、传热快速均匀、不起化学变化、好清洗的主要原因,此外,这也是最健康耐久的材质。



BUFFALO has developed multi-layered stainless steel under an extremely high temperature and precision conditions, by forging epoch-making materials – BUFFALO Clad, which is anti-scratch, sturdy and durable. It conducts heat rapidly and evenly with no chemical reaction. These are the reasons for easy cleaning. It is also the healthiest and most durable material.

Thickness Varied Design

BUFFALO steel technology has evolved from the precise curvature pot body to universally unique “varied thickness design cookware” technology. This design will not only meet the demand of different cooking methods of pan-fried, stir-fried, deep-fried, stewed and boiled, its “thick at the bottom and thin at the side technology“ also reduces 25% of the pot body weight, enhances thermal conductivity for more than 30%. Excellent heat storage minimizes the fumes, conserves energy, achieving excellent results with easy cooking.


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