原味生活馆“,是牛头牌贴心设立的厨房炊具展示厅兼专卖店,整体设计及感觉带出牛头牌产品的精神:高尚、品味,却简单且贴近生活。透过如此概念,进一步把牛头牌产品介绍给各阶层人士。 原味生活馆的设立,更背负着回馈社会的社会义务







环保 – 遏制全球暖化

爱 护地球,人人有责!透过原味生活馆介绍的牛头牌产品,长久以来其实都在默默地扮演环保的角色,从生产线上用最先进的科技减少开发资源,到烹饪用户用最少 的能源进行煮食,更重要的是产品特性让消费者只需要小火力就可以达到烹饪效果,直接或间接地减低了全球暖化的速度,发挥爱护地球的力量。


A relatively trendy Buffalo Lifestyle Corner – the retail show unit, which at first glance it illustrates a trend of offering energy, exclusive, branded yet accessible to our daily life style. Taking this ideal, it is a boosting sales to both existing and potential clients strategically important in cementing long lasting business ties. The emergence of retailing show unit plays a vital role in the market, as its main objective is to promote and to expose the user friendliness to the society.

Healthy Lifestyle

In this fast pace living society, even with vast knowledge in good health, yet people’s health level keep on falling. At “Buffalo Lifestyle Corner”, will show you and to provide all the necessary useful information on methods of cooking by using LESS OIL and LESS WATER in a healthy way and enjoy eating fine foods brings.

Life Saver

Buffalo cookware designing in such is to emphasize the importance of energy saving, money saving, cook and eat healthily and the stress on life time value warranty just like a life saver to all the Buffalo cookware user to save on unnecessary expenses.

Family Ties

A healthy move by “Buffalo Lifestyle Corner” to encourage the younger generations to regenerate the interest in kitchen, to show them the easy method of cooking and boosting a better relationship with family. It’s a blessing to all then mothers to get new recipe and new tips in featuring a home with caring and loving.

Love The Earth

Buffalo products originality carries the role in environmentally friendly manufacturer. In view of the latest technology know how that used for production up to the finished goods in reaching the end user, encompass the relative priority of cost saving. The uniqueness cooking method by using low heat emphasized the fuel saving. Ultimately, it shows a caring, sharing and responsibility for the society.



第一场推介礼将于9月20日至25日,早上10点至晚上10点,在吉隆坡CHERAS VIVA MALL盛大举行。主题为“只因为你”。

牛头牌代言人“牛姐姐——杨雁雁小姐”将出现,新产品果汁机i Mix、车上型活氧机和不锈钢钢锅附属品将会一一登场。

活动详情可联络陈金玉(012-952 0851)。